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About The Backyard Kitchen

The Backyard is the dream of a couple of friends who love the backyard BBQ Grilling industry and the lifestyle it represents. Our love of this business comes from entertaining friends at home to the wonderful experience of tailgating sporting events and the friendships that are created.

The Backyard intends to provide our customer a wonderful shopping experience with the best outdoor products available today, a great value in regards to pricing and unmatched customer service.

We have discussed all types of business available today on the web and decided we do not want to become a “big box” BBQ web business with tens of thousands of products available. We feel that these sites are hard to shop from because they provide too many choices, many of which just are not very good. 

We have made the commitment to researching the BBQ grill and accessory business and providing only those premium brands on our site. You can be assure that if we are promoting a brand of equipment, accessories, rubs or sauces we have chosen it to meet our high standards.

What we want is for you to be happy with your purchase and we feel strongly that by only putting these premium products for sale, we will meet your expectations 100%.

So welcome to our specialty BBQ store. We look forward to seeing you often.

Quality Products.  Great  Selection. Let’s Get Grillin!

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