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  • Fire Magic 3590-DR Premium Refrigerator

    Fire Magic's Premium Refrigerator keeps beverages chilled to perfection. Custom-designed door is fabricated with a heavy duty handle and radial corners for an exclusive look.  Handy lock keeps contents safe.  When used outdoors, it must be installed in an enclosure.  Cut out 20"w x 21.25"d x 34 1/8"H ...

    SKU: 3590-DR
    $949.00 save 16%

  • Fire Magic 3591 Kegerator

    For an Ice Cold Brew.  Accomodates 60-liter beer kegs.  CO2 tank and hardware are included.  LED display, reversible door hinge, black/chrome beer tower dispenser, drip tray.  Sorry...Keg not included!    

    SKU: 3591
    $1,880.00 save 15%

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